Exclusive: MINI USA to Release Matte Black Countryman

MINI USA is rolling out its first special edition Countryman shortly and will use what BMW calls “Frozen” or matte paint. The special edition will be called “The Black Knight Edition” and will be limited to only 60 units. Some MINI owners should be getting an email later today which instruct how to reserve and order one. However there’s a catch.

Because the car will be limited to 60 united it’s first come first serve. In other words if you think you fancy yourself an official matte black Countryman (as opposed to those wraps we see so often) you’ll want to act fast if you’re lucky enough to be on the list.

Options are scarce since we’re told the cars are mostly loaded. According to sources all of them will a Cooper S. However you can choose All4 or front wheel drive and manual or automatic.


We’ll have more on the Black Knight Edition soon. In the meantime, for more on BMW’s Frozen paint and the maintenance (or the lack of it) that’s required, head over to BimmerFile.

  • I think it’s great MINI is capitalizing on development BMW has already completed. However I hope the final model doesn’t come with all the finger prints/dirt on the chrome xenon headlight washer covers. #itsafeature

  • Matt

    Happened to be at my dealer today and asked about this one – each dealer has the ability to order one via email TODAY. He said it was just south of $39k sticker for the manual. Tempting…but maintenance scares me.

    • RacerX

      $36,650 S manual, $37,900 S auto, $38,350 S ALL4 manual and $39,600 S ALL4 auto. All come with the “Fully Loaded” package, anthracite headliner, heated seats, carbon black leather gravity interior, 18″ Black double spoke black alloys, black headlamp housings, black accessory headlamp and tail lamp trim rings and “stealth mode” which is MINI speak for the new option for badge deletion. Vehicles had to be spoken for by 2pm EST today with no chance to order again. There are more than 100 dealers and only 60 units available. Yikes!

  • Chris Bamford

    We had a thing about this in the UK a few years ago. Matt cars were everywhere at one point. I haven’t seen one for months though.

  • Kurtster

    More stuff the “blackout” crowd can get excited about. Not my thing, but this is sure to make some people very happy.

  • Mfc

    Maybe you can park it next to your GOODWOOD.

  • pleaserelease

    youre honestly better off using plasti dip

  • MINIMe

    Dislike. The whole matt black thing is over.

  • robble

    I can’t stand the matte black – and it is going to be hard to take care of.

  • Edge

    So all of them will be Cooper Ses… but the photo is of a JCW.

  • Lanky

    The frozen blue and orange M3’s are two of the best colors I have seen lately. The black just looks cheap and unimpressive in comparison.

  • Kevin Stephenson

    Its not for me, but I really think its a cool option and for someone that will appreciate it I love the uniqueness of the small run. I hope to see one at the next Dragon in person!