Spied: The MINI E Race Coupe

Something fun for you electric MINI fans out there this morning. UK site GoMotors has spy shots of an all-new electric MINI. Dubbed the MINI E Race Coupe, this is the first electric MINI we’ve seen since the MINI E program shut down. In 2010, MINI set an EV record at the ‘Ring with a MINI E hardtop hatch. That record was later eclipsed (well, obliterated) by the electric Mercedes SLS. It seems unlikely that this MINI E Race Coupe is going to chase that SLS record, so we’re as curious as you are as to what the car’s purpose really is. We’re not anticipating a rebirth of the MINI E program at this time, so what’s this car for? Is there some electric race series we’re not aware of? We’ll try to find out. Stay tuned.

Source: GoMotors

  • tobi

    DAT rear spoiler Oo

  • scamper

    THIS! A production version of this car is exactly what I’ve been pining for for several years now (nearly getting myself heckled out of this forum on several occasions).

    If this makes it through to production, MINI will have my money.

  • Mike Burley

    Whats with the upper half crop?

  • Dr Obnxs

    I hope it’s like the 640 HP electric with four in wheel motors that some crazy british company made a few years ago. Mini electrics have an interesting problem. How can MINI launch a new, relatively low cost electric, that would take sales from the i3? For the life of me, I don’t see BMW green lighting an electric MINI while the “i” brand is getting up to speed…… But if MINI blows off electrification entirely, they are screwed in the long run. Whether it’s all electric or hybrid, MINI will eventually have to do something other than just ICE power plants. I’d guess that this is just engineering keeping their hand in the game, so to speak. But time will tell for sure!