MINI’s 2015 & 2016 Product Launches Revealed

MINI has a busy 24 months ahead of it. With the F56 rolled out and in showrooms, the brand can turn it’s attention to all the associated variants. But what gets released and when? Read on for the detailed list.


The F55 Five Door Hatch

The F55 is a car that many have been waiting for since the rumors of a four door MINI first surfaced over ten years ago. And it’s just weeks away from hitting dealer showrooms in Europe and the US.

  • Cooper/Cooper S Start of Production: July 2014
  • Cooper/Cooper S End of Production: June 2021

MINI USA is planning on releasing the F55 in Cooper and Cooper S variants at launch with the B36/B38 in the Cooper and the B46/B48 in the Cooper S

Check out the MotoringFile F55 section for more details.


The F56 JCW Hatch

The highlights here include 230 hp and torque over 255 ft lbs. But it’s the full package that MINI is focusing on – with an M car like philosophy. With weight around 2,800 lbs this would give the 2015 JCW the best power to weight ratio of any MINI ever – by healthy margin.

  • JCW Start of Production: March 2015
  • JCW End of Production: June 2021

For those who must know such things, the JCW engine code is B48A20O0 which is also the code used for the new BMW 225i Active Tourer.

For more on the F56 JCW, click over to the MotoringFile JCW section for more details.


The F54 Clubman

The Clubman will be a surprise hit for MINI for years to come. At least that’s our prediction having been hands-on with the concept. But it’s not just the packaging but the drivetrain options that make this one of the more interesting products MINI will release (and a sneak peak into what the Countryman will offer). The six door will be available in Cooper and Cooper S variants at launch next summer.

  • Cooper/Cooper S Start of Production: July 2015
  • Cooper/Cooper S End of Production: June 2022

Then things get interesting.

  • Cooper/Cooper S ALL WHEEL DRIVE Start of Production: March 2016
  • Cooper/Cooper S ALL WHEEL DRIVE End of Production: June 2022

Finally MINI will be releasing a US diesel variant with an engine designation of B47C20O0. That’s the same designation used for the Euro-spec Cooper SD. The 2.0-litre four-cylinder produces a healthy 266lb ft. (maximum torque is available from just 1500rpm) and 170 hp. That’s

On the UK cycle the Cooper SD gets an astonishing 70.6mpg. Expect something in the 40-50 mpg range from the EPA.

All wheel drive will not be available with the diesel.

Check out the MotoringFile F54 section for more details.


The F57 Convertible

The next generation MINI convertible will follow-up along the lines of the previous two. A duel stage roof and four seats, MINI doesn’t want to mess with a successful formula.

  • Cooper/Cooper S Start of Production: November 2015
  • Cooper/Cooper S End of Production: November 2022

Other than the hatch, the convertible is the only other MINI model we can confirm will be getting the full JCW treatment.

  • JCW Start of Production: March 2016
  • JCW End of Production: October 2022

P90150958-MINI Superleggera Vision Roadster Concept

Other models

We expect MINI to release the the new Countryman in 2017 with the same power train options seen above on the Clubman. The one option we will see but we haven’t listed here is the plug-in hybrid variant expected for the Countryman and Clubman.

The Superleggera Roadster we saw this year at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este will likely make production but not until 2017/2018. We expect it to take the place of the roadster and coupe with potentially a folding hard-top.

Finally there’s the larger crossover we keep hearing rumors about. We have no information on it at this time but expect something similar to BMW’s upcoming extended wheelbase 2 Series Active Tourer.

  • AMS

    Given that the Superlegerra concept had no top at all -hard or otherwise – I’m not especially hopeful that a production version will end up being faithful to that design exercise.

  • ImLost

    What happened to Pat McKenna’s Q&A!

    • Hello?

      Guess there is no reason why?

  • RakSiam

    So…no Rocketman?

  • KPP

    Are you telling us there will be no JCW Clubman? That would be another huge disappointment for me. Given that the car will be that much bigger and heavier, it would really benefit from the extra ponies and torque. If thats the case, MINI is making it very difficult for me to throw my money at them. I’ve given up on the hideous JCW, so was holding out for a JCW clubman. If that car isn’t happening, I’m not buying anything else in the line-up. Say it ain’t so Gabe!

    • Not necessarily. This article is only referencing the next 24 months of product releases.

      • minicooperracer

        Hoping the 5-door Hatch hopefully will get the JCW package. Thanks for the updates on the timing.I noticed you can spec out a 5 door on UK site as of a week ago so knew it was getting close and hopefully less delays than the F56. Any speculation on the AWD numbers?

      • r.burns

        It is said internally that this F54 AWD JCW will make about 300 horsepower Wait and see but expect a big surprise…

        • KPP

          Bananas the car would be. I won’t believe it until it is on the ground at the dealership but I hope you are right. Still, my current car is on its last legs so having to wait two years, as this article may be suggesting, is poor timing for me.

        • r.burns

          It may feel impressive but it is not : the F54 AWD will be a compact car and yet are its opponents such powerful (Golf R, Audi S3…)

        • Allknowing

          F54 JCW has not yet been decided. But a Twin Turbo B47 Diesel is being tested, If this gets the ‘MINI’ go ahead this could be called a JCW Diesel, this would have the All4 as well.

        • KPP

          Also awesome, but I maintain that until the car is sitting in the showroom, I don’t believe it. Any idea as to when MINI will release either of the JCW Clubman variants hinted in these comments?

  • Jason

    Eh, it is proportioned similar to the MX-5. I’m sure they could design both a hard top and soft top that would flow well.

  • Lee

    So the Superlegera is not completely pie in the sky then? Maybe if Nissan ditches me on the iDx Nismo I can keep my 2004 Cooper S running until then.

  • MiniMonger

    Any news of a heated steering wheel addition to the Cold Weather Package? Seeing that BMW has offered this for years, it would be an easy inclusion.

    • Chilly

      I would love to have that too!

  • RKCA1

    When is the new 9 speed auto transition from the current 6 speed auto? With F54 or beyond 2015?

  • Nick Dawson

    According to Peter Schwarzenbauer, BMW board member, MINI 3 will be restricted to a maximum of seven variants, and MINI 4 could have as few as five or six. Already signed off for MINI 3 are: F54, F55, F56, F57, F60 & F61. So which will be the seventh variant, F58 Traveller or F59 Sedan? The Sedan did not escape the first round of cuts, so my guess is that it will be the Traveller. And we can forget about replacements for the Twins. The Superleggera Roadster was an expensive exquisitely hand-made concept having nothing in common with UKL1.

  • IamNumeric

    So I wanted to get an F55 Five door and I was put on the waiting list at my local Chicago land MINI dealer. They called me and had me come in to order one. Right before they order it my MA talks to her supervisor and he told her I couldn’t order it because it won’t be coming out until the spring. I called another dealer and they told me the last they heard is that they might take order in November and delivery would be in January.


      Interesting! I’m also keeping a watch for the F55’s arrival on the MINIUSA configurator since it arrived on the UK configurator at least a week ago. I think that’ll be in the Sep-Oct timeframe with deliveries beginning in Dec-Jan for the US. Anyone out there have any further concrete info on the F55 arrival here?

  • SR Robbins

    You Clubman people are ruining the whole idea of MINI….which is MINI*!!! Because you keep pushing for larger and larger, the heart and soul of Mini is essentially gone. I just sat in the 2015 Hardtop and UGH! It’s even BIGGER than the 2010, by almost 6inches in length. It’s not much smaller now that a Civic or Focus or other boring-market cars. In fact the interior design also reminded me of a fFord Focus. This car has lost it’s motor-loving spirit and now feels like it was designed by committee.