MF Interview: MINI USA VP David Duncan & Product Manager Chris Potgieter

It took us some time, but our interview with David Duncan and Chris Potgieter is finally available! One quick disclaimer before you listen. Because the new JCW was the focus of this year’s NAIAS, we didn’t have a chance to ask all the questions that were submitted on MotoringFile. We are truly sorry for that, but rest assured that these questions are not lost, and we will do our best to answer them in the coming months. There’s also some bonus content at the end of the recording for any BMW fans out there. Enjoy!

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  • kellywp

    Any chance for a writen transcript?

    • For now we don’t have any plans to publish a transcript. However, if we receive enough requests, we will consider it. If it is more convenient to listen to it from a mobile device, the interview should be available from the White Roof Radio iTunes feed very soon.

      • Eric

        I would appreciate a transcript too

      • Mark @ MINI of the Main Line

        Me too…

    • hemisedan

      I’m on board for a written transcript too.

  • John McLauchlan

    Thanks for the interviews. Some takeaways after a quick listen (spoiler alert!)

    The F56 JCW brake kit will be available through JCW Pro starting in the Spring. The bi-modal exhaust which comes with the JCW Pro tuning kit has not been developed for use on the factory JCW (yet?). The JCW tuning kit will be available for the 4 door / 5 door. The wheel arch extensions are required to comply with US and EU regulations due to the wheel offset required to clear the JCW calipers. Rebel Green is exclusive to the factory JCW. LED headlamps are standard, halogen is not available at all on the JCW (this may be old news). I’m sure there are more tidbits of information in there.

    • Mark @ MINI of the Main Line

      Thanks John.

  • hemisedan

    Nice interview on the new JCW Gabe, well done. I’m still trying to find out what the cost will be on the new 3-gauge unit, or will it be a port or dealer option?

    • Our understanding is that this unit is part of a Chrono package, so most likely a factory option. No info on price yet.

      • It is a factory option.

        • hemisedan

          Any idea as to the cost?

        • We’ve published everything we know on costs – which at this point is just the base price. I expect to see pricing in 4-6 weeks.

        • hemisedan

          Thanks both Gabe and Nathaniel, we’re all anxious to see what this little guy is in the flesh.

        • No thanks for me? :'(

        • Yeah man, you got robbed. I wasn’t even involved. Ha!

        • Ha!

        • hemisedan

          Well, add to some news to the HUD/3-gauge postings. But in saying that, you’ve straightened me out on my errors before too. Get some more JCW news for us.

        • hemisedan

          Oops, I’m so ancient and get names mixed up, more times than I’d like to admit. Yes, thanks to you Alexandre too.