Rumor: MINI is Developing a 300 HP JCW Clubman

In 2014 we reported on MINI’s plans for a 300 hp JCW Clubman. It looks like that plan is about to be realized.

On the face of it this video shows us little more than a loud camouflaged MINI JCW Coubman testing at the Nurburgring. So we did some digging and found out something interesting. This week BMW began testing a new high performance version of its next generation 1 Series (currently known as the M140i). With this next generation the 1 Series will be moving to the UKL platform and all wheel drive rather than its current standard rear wheel arrangement. Basically it will be a close relative to the larger MINIs.

Here’s where the pieces start to come together. Currently the M140i makes 335 hp from a turbo inline six. Logic would conclude that BMW wouldn’t want to stray too far from that number when it comes to the all new M140i due in 2019. Following that logic we would expect the new UKL based M140i to make well over 300 hp and likely closer to the 335 hp the current car makes.

Our sources told us three years ago this engine was coming and MINI would see a version of it. Now we’re hearing that the track testing program has begun and we’ll be seeing much more of this hot Clubman at the Ring all summer. The end result will be an engine capable of WELL OVER 300 hp. Sources tell us that the plan launch this new engine in conjunction with a higher performance JCW line offered in both Clubman and Countryman models. With power and torque dramatically increased, the aim is for these to be the first MINIs to hit 60 mph in under 5 second.

This coupled with rumored 248 hp versions of the F56 JCW Hatch will further enhance the sub brands performance credibility.

We likely won’t see this hot version of the Clubman and Countryman (or revised JCW hatch) for another 12 to 18 months based on what we know. This should coincide with the LCI for both models which means 2018 to early 2019.

  • Ryan Cooley

    The question is price. A jcw clubman already cost the same as a s3 so what they should do is update the engine performance. Just a thought. I’d love to maybe buy this after I buy a updated f56 for CO winters. But if it costs 60k+ I’ll pass

  • Ryan Cooley

    I’ve been debating a f54 jcw but it looks like I may have to wait…… but again if they demand a super high premium. At 60k I could a evoque, fpace, sq5. All cars that perform INSANELY WELL. Man I hope they just update engine performance. And not price lol

  • Shaun Williams

    Ugh. Just pulled the trigger on my F54 jcw 3 weeks ago. Would have held out regardless of price. Damn.

  • b-

    Gabe, this sounds like the correct drivetrain for an R53 retro mod!

  • Peter

    I have had my JCW F54 for 3 weeks now and absolutely love it, but totally feel it needs more kick even with the Dinan module on it. If this comes out my dealer better be prepared to make me a deal!

  • Keep in mind that MINI was muling the JCW Pro accessories for the F56 around this same timeframe in that car’s lifecycle. Autocar has a long history of being so completely wrong about BMW/MINI inside information that it was obvious they were either guessing or their sources lied to them to shut them up…

  • VaultDweller73

    Mini has to make gains or they’ll lose to Ford who makes cars that have been beating the hatchbacks… thus the GP.

  • The Mann

    I realy hate that fake sound, a modern car should not sound like a old American boat. its wrong

  • Kevin Bartlett

    Me If I didn’t have a JCW Clubman now: Wow that’s great, can’t wait to see it.

    Me now, because I already have one: Well I guess mine is going to be worth quite a bit less in trade when that comes out. (no like cars hold value as is).

    Agree with the others that pricing is key. Here’s my take though (which is worth well nothing but that’s what the internet is for). It should cost no more than the current one to stay competitive. A Golf R or Focus RS can be had for that money and less and each have similar power. This power plant is getting developed regardless of the MINI in many ways and it should just replace the JCW as a development of the car. An engine of that power level has, somehow, become the price of entry and MINI will have to belly up to the bar to stay relevant.

    To stay really competitive, and this is again just in my own head, they should move the current JCW power level (if not the physical engine) down to the S models of the F54 and F60, and maybe the current S power level down to the base Clubman to make those cars true values and competitors to the cars in their respective categories.

    My F54 JCW is a great car, BUT it somehow doesn’t feel fast enough, at least not from start. In gear it pulls wonderfully. For a reasonable price I’m not opposed to the power boost speculated to here. 60k is just ridiculous, with my spec coming in at 40k (including the incentive on the car) I’d have trouble accepting even 50k. Time will tell though, it’d be a ton of fun.

    • This will be marketed as more than just a JCW Clubman.

      • Kevin Bartlett

        Oh, so the JCW Clubman becomes the Focus ST to the Focus RS of the new better version……The JCW GP of sorts maybe. No sir I don’t like it.

    • MikeUK

      It would be nice to see more power throughout the range, but in markets where your insurance/road tax are based on performance and emissions, they’d still have to supply what you and I would consider ‘underpowered’ cars. I see a lot of people that pootle around in base ONE cars that probably like the idea of a funky MINI but don’t need (and possibly shouldn’t have) any more power!

      • Kevin Bartlett

        And let’s be honest Mike, the US market shouldn’t be the focus of their efforts. Global sales outside of the US is where they are doing well and should likely continue to focus their efforts and offer cars that make sense there. So they should by all means offer the ONE cars in those markets where they make sense.

        • MikeUK

          I suppose it’s a very tricky thing to get a range of cars that appeal to a mass market. Personally I’d never buy a hot Ford, purely because they manage to carry off looking bland and trying too hard all at the same time. MINI also have the problem that if they bring something spectacular out, it will just make all the cars below seem less desirable. When a mildly quick Superleggera comes out, a lot of JCW sales would go that way for sure!


    No way will it be 60K. Maybe 41-42K at most. Why? Because Golf R

  • Audiofils

    For $1000 Dinan can piush the JCW to 280HP. No need for more before better value exists elsehwere.