UPDATED 3.4.03: You can now download a turn by turn PDF of the drive (with maps) here and a MS Word version here. It's also got phone numbers of our destinations and my cell phone number in case anyone is late or lost.

When: Saturday March 8th 8:00 – 2:00 (depending on where you start and end your drive)

Times: There are a couple starting points due to some of us living near the city and some of us living in the northern Suburbs. For those from outside the Chicago area email me directly for more specific directions.

Plaza De Lago in Wilmette: 8:00 (leaving at 8:30 / Krispy Kreme in Gurnee: 9:30 (leaving around 10) / Jelly Belly: around 10:30 (probably leave around 11:30) / The Spot in Kenosha: 12:30 to 1. These times are all estimates at this point but they should give you a general idea of the schedule.

Where: The starting point is for those coming from the city, near northside, or any who has to drive a ways north to get to Gurnee will be
Plaza De Lago located on Sheridan Rd. in Wilmette. We will meet at 8:00 a.m. and leave around 8:30. Directions are as follows:
Go North from the city on the Edens (I94) and exit east on Lake Ave. Follow Lake Ave. for about 10 minutes – once you go over some railroad tracks you will be getting close. From there you go through a large 4 way intersection and then hit a traffic light. At the light you will turn left onto Sheridan Rd. From there you will drive about a .5 of a mile and hit another light. Take a left on this light (Westerfield Dr.) and make an immediate right into the parking lot. We will meet in the side of the parking lot that is closest too the intersection you just came from.

Here's a map of the Wilmette area. Here's a map of the drive from we'll take from Wilmette to Gurnee (we'll be going from south to north so you should start from the bottom of the page)

The starting point for those in the far northern suburbs or for those who want to get up later and just shoot straight up to Gurnee is the Krispy Kreme in Gurnee IL. I would assume those of us coming from Wilmette will arrive at the Gurnee Krispy Kreme around 9:30 a.m. so let shoot for that as the time to meet. Directions are as follows assuming your're coming from I94 either north or southbound:
Exit onto 132 Eastbound. Shortly after you are on 132 you will turn left onto N. Dilley's Rd. Krispy Kreme will be on your left.

Here's a map of the Gurnee area

From there we will take Hunt Club Rd to County Q/Route 165 to Jelly Belly Factory. This map shows the route from Krispy Kreme to the the Jelly Belly factory.

Finally after the Jelly Belly factory we'll head north into Kenosha for some lunch at the Spot. Here's the map of the route from Jelly Belly to the Spot

Who: Anyone is welcome to join us. If you have a new MINI, a Classic Mini, or are patiently awaiting your MINI that is currently on some ship crossing the Atlantic you're welcome to come out.

The Details: This drive is a fairly long one so come prepared! Our initial meeting place (for those going to Wilmette) is a good place to gather as there's a Starbucks and Jewel right there in the plaza.

If you want more information about Plaza de Lago
check out their website: www.plazadelago.com

Things to Bring: FRS Radios, a full tank of gas, all your best Mini apparel, and a smile.