Helmut Panke, chairman of the BMW Group has an extensive interview in month's Automobile Magazine. In it he discusses everything from the upcoming 1 series BMW to the 4 door MINI. Here's an excerpt from the article:

He wouldn't elaborate on what evolution [of the new 1 series] meant but we was more forthcoming about why a 5 door MINI [4 doors plus the hatch = 5] has been pushed back to 2008. “I would really like to do a second MINI model range. But I simply have not found the right approach. You see, brands need to be treated with diligence and care. There is certainly plenty of talent on the case, but we still need a little more time”.

Sounds like the introduction of the 2nd model range might coincide with the new version of the MINI based on the new BMW/Puegoet engine program. It looks like the Cabrio might be the only other variation that we'll see in this lifecycle.

You can find more information on the 4 door MINI in this post.