Update: The fix is Service Measure M41 200 03 and the parts themselves are plastic shields 51 48 7 126 245 & 246

MINIUSA has just released a service bulletin regarding the hood paint rubbing issue. For those who haven't heard of this problem you may want to check out this previous posting on the issue. You can see the photos there as well.


You may also remember reading in the comments of that original story that MINIUSA contacted me about the post and forwarded on the photos to engineers within the company. From that original post, comments, and photos MINI engineers have now come up with a solution. Protective shields have been developed to prevent the rubbing between the plastic above radiator and the underside of the hood. The shields are plastic and will be attached to the underside of the hood with double sided tape and plastic rivets.

Because of the advanced state of the rubbing under my hood I'm actually having the underside repainted. As you can see (not very well) in the photos it had actually rubbed down to the bare metal in four spots. Once that's finished I'll have the plastic shields installed and will post the final photos here.

On a more personal note I was told by a MINIUSA representative that it was my site and this post that got this issue noticed by MINIUSA and eventually led to the service bulletin. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the initial discussion. It's refreshing to see a company reaching out to it's customers, at it's own expense, in an effort to make a product better.

All this from a couple photos taken from my phone 🙂