MotoringFile reader Eric Zwirnmann brings us this very cool time lapse footage of his MINI slowly getting swallowed by the recent snow storm that hit the Midwest and Northeast US:

[ MINI vs 2005 Blizzard/800k ] (Quicktime)

Here’s more from Eric himself:

About one year ago today, I had no idea what a MINI Cooper even was. Yes, I saw the original Italian Job several times on TV as a kid, but I was still clueless. In March of 2004, a friend invited me on a short rally with the
local enthusiast group, PhillyMINI. Two months later, I put in an order for
a Convertible MCS which was delivered in November 2004. I quickly
discovered and became part of the enthusiasm behind MINIs. I joined up with
PhillyMINI and since have made many new friends; all of which own MINIs.

On January 22nd, 2005, we were hit with a Blizzard in the Philadelphia
region. We don’t get snow often in this area but when we do, it’s bad (at
least to us). I typically park my MINI in a garage, but the alley-way
behind my house is horrible when it snows, so I had to park it out front on
the street. I wasn’t a happy camper with this idea, but it was either park
in the street or don’t drive until March.

I was playing with my new digital camera, and found an feature that take
photos every couple of minutes. I quickly set up my camera to take pictures
every 5 minutes for 10 hours. The result is a very cool movie of my
Convertible getting covered with snow (about 10-12 inches).

MINI owners can see other cool pictures and my online resume at the MINIUSA
Owner’s Lounge.

Eric Zwirnmann
(aka MiniLifeCrisis)