Eighty-seven Minis/MINIs, a 611 mile course for twists and turns, and the Irish countryside. What more could you ask for? Here’s an excerpt from the Boston Herald:

My driving partner Denise McCluggage, a world-renowned journalist and race-car driver, and I tested two cars during the trip, a 2000 Mini 7 in a delicious creamy color and a Mini One Diesel in “Indi Blue.” The first had a wonderful deco look and a suspension that acted like a classic, while the Diesel was smooth and fast and sexy.

The first day we drove 295.2 miles to Rosses Point, Sligo, and the Yeats County Hotel, casual and homey and perched on a hill overlooking the sea.

McCluggage, a lady famous for her racing feats (she drove in the Coupe des Alps in 1963, the first International rally win for the Mini Cooper S), put the Mini to the challenge. She expertly downshifted around roundabouts and narrow stone bridges and trimmed hedges as she spit around turns throwing up loose chippings.

[ Wee rally ’round the green leaves Cooper fans squealing ] Boston Herald

For more information on the Irish Mini rally check out this previous story we ran back in July of 2003 (via Autoweek)

Oh and btw – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!