MINIUSA is at it again with more faux advertising. This time they will be creating an advertising campaign based around three products; the G-Whiz, the MOTO-GO Grip, and the Hey Horn. The products are supposedly “sold” by a company called MOTOmate. However it won’t take too long for one to realize who is really behind the site and the products.

As you might expect, the products, the descriptions and the testimonials are absolutely hilarious. But even better, all three products have full informercials (seen in the above photo) that are guaranteed to have you LOL-ing the rest of the day.

The G-WHIZ even has a G-Force simulator that allows you to simulate G-force effects commonly seen when riding shotgun in the MINI.

As some of you keen MF readers might realize, news about MOTORmate products was posted a week and a half ago while the campaign was not official public and the site was still hosted on a development server. However, now that the site is live, we thought it was a good time to repost the story and let folks officially check out the products.


Via Josh Wardell