We can’t say when, where or how we got this exclusive MotoringFile image showing two of the three new 2006 colors, but we can say it’s a 100% legit picture of what will be on dealer lots in about four months time.

Seen in the photo above (and in a much larger version here) are Space Blue and Solar Red. Both cars also feature the new optional silver top, another 2006 addition we scooped a few months back.

Solor Red is reportedly a metallic that has hints of an orange/rust color. It’s much like BMW’s Flamenco Red found currently on the X3 but with a little more red rather than orange. I’m told in some light it also has a resemblence to the always popular Imola Red found on the BMW M3.

Space Blue on the other hand is fairly similar to BMW’s Toledo Blue, a dark metallic blue.

While we don’t have any photos of Royal Grey, we can tell you (based on a first hand account) that it will be similar to the current Dark Silver however with perhaps a bit more Taupe in it.

For those that may have missed the original news on the color changes a few weeks back, these new colors will take the place of Solid Gold, Electric Blue, and Jet Black which will all be dropped for 2006.

Naturally we’ll have more on the other upcoming 2006 additions in the weeks ahead.

[ Space Blue & Solar Red (large) ] MotoringFile

[ Solar Red (large) ] MotoringFile