This info was sent in by Sam:

This past Sunday, Team Mighty Miniz played a gracious host in the canyons to Speed Channel’s new show Street Tuner Challenge. They will be runing two segments on the MINI lifestyle. The Track and The Canyons. Please tune in and check out the killer footage we mustered up. We were extremely thorough in soaking the film crew with our lateral G forces and witty humor.

Short of kraft services, and the occasional separation of the group, everything couldn’t have been more perfect! I cant wait to see the 8 hours of tape edited down into the final product. Thanks to everyone who participated and signed their soul to Speed Channel. Thanks also to my band, Interface, for graciously infusing the segment with auditory electronic blips and analog vomit.

Speed Channel:

Wed, June 29 th @7:30pm for Buttonwillow racing coverage

Wed, July 6 th @7:30pm