A timetable of 2006 model year rumors:

Early April > I receive some very reliable information from two different sources that MINI will be introducing several JCW parts as factory options starting with November production.

Early June > More independent information is received from another very reliable source that MINI is considering pushing back the start of the 2006 model year until November of 2005. Light bulb goes on… three different sources seem to point to a late 2006 model year arrival. An MF post goes up.

Mid June > Another independent and reliable source indicates that MINI has now made the decision to start the 2006 model year in September, which is the traditionally time frame. Light bulb goes out. Frustration sets in and I post entire timeframe of information to let readers figure it all out themselves.

Early July > Official information is released and one of the “reliable sources” (their “reliable” moniker now gone) mentioned above buys me a beer.