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The MINI_motion product line contains a series of accessories-a watch, shoe, carpack, and jacket. The products are sold outside the typical channel of car dealerships, which required the brand strategy to appeal to urban boutiques, such as design stores, museum stores and premium retail outlets like Barneys. The visual brand representation uniquely integrates movement and motion into a fresh and modernistic interpretation of speed as well as a graphic interpretation of the roofline of the car. Sales have been strong, but equally important, these products reinforce the MINI’s brand identity and innovation between car launches, a critical tool for a new car company with only a few models.

“The death of the logo and the birth of the motif as a brand strategy.” -Michael McCoy, IDSA, Partner, McCoy & McCoy

[ MINI_Motion Wins a Gold ] IDSA

This win is number three for MINI this year from the IDSA.

You can read a profile of Yves Beher, lead design of MINI_Motion below:

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