Lightweight Carbon Fiber-Bodied MINI to be Strip and Show Stopper

California based FIREBALL TIM RACING (FTR) has announced a collaboration between the extreme MINI tuner and MINI USA. In the deal, FTR has taken possession of a carbon-fiber bodied, 1700 lb MINI Cooper S from MINI USA with the plan to create a 500hp+ twin-charged drag monster. FTR currently holds the title “World’s Fastest Street MINI” with their 2700lb MEGAmini ‘Lil Beast. A turbo and supercharged and nitrous rocket pulling 12 second track times.

Fireball Tim teamed up with Tuner Legend Hubie Fuh (“Dr. Fuh” to his friends) who has built extreme 1000hp+ street and race cars that have been featured in all forms of mass media. Hubie is now the official FTR powerplant leader. Also in marketing/sales is Jan Brueggemann, muscle car builder/racer and Brian White, Meguiar’s detail expert and builder.

“We are very excited to be the first choice by MINI USA to create a unique one-of-a-kind rocket,” says Fireball Tim (CEO). “It’s going to be a blast to race, as long as it doesn’t launch into the next state. Which, it just might.”

“We launched FTR to create unique themed road rockets and MINI performance parts unlike anyone else in the market,” said Hubie, (President/FTR) “With Fireball Tim’s crazy designs and overt style, “over-the-top” will be an understatement in both power and appearance.” Continued Hubie, “BMW used the latest in race car materials technology to create the carbon-fiber featherweight. It is only fitting that we use this opportunity to unveil our top secret “Twincharged Flux Capacitor” which will power this race car into the history books.”

And unlike any other MINI Tuner, FTR was selected by MINI USA to be the first to create this unique Fireballed Drag Car. FTR has more than 25 sponsors involved in the project, code-named the “M600,” (“now known as “FLAMETHROWER”) all helping to create what FTR has coined “VHP.”(Visual Horsepower). From Magnaflow to Mini performance distributor Moss Motors and Kumho Tires, who is carving a one-off set of insane custom fireball tires for shows.

MINI USA is excited to collaborate with Fireball Tim Racing to help promote MINI”s prowess in the import drag world,” said Jeff Stracco, MINI Product Manager. “With its compact dimensions and lightweight carbon fiber body, this MINI Cooper project car will be a true David amongst Goliaths on the drag strip.”

The little monster that could premieres at Firebird Raceway in Phoenix, Arizona in October 8th. The car will also be at Hot Import Nights/Phoenix October 15th and SEMA in November along with several other insane FTR MINI rockets, of course.

Fireball Tim
Fireball Tim is famous for his many maniacal movie car designs from films like SON OF THE MASK, JURASSIC PARK and about 50 others. ( The Fireball Tim brand is rocketing into the marketplace with toys, clothing, a TV Show and candy at an incredible speed. WalMart will be selling Fireball Tim Toys worldwide as of April/May of 2006. And this is just in the past 6 months. So, building a race team was only a matter of time.