MotoringFile’s main computer, my generally trusty Apple Powerbook, has just had its IBM internal hard drive recently turn to dust. This means that all MF and personal files from August onward (the last time I backed up) are gone. As this is the machine that I used for MF, work and leisure, it’s going to have a huge impact over the next few weeks. (Fortunately I back up my files from work nightly.)

What does this mean for the site? Well for one the Holiday Gift Guide that was going to be launched tomorrow won’t happen for at least a few more days if ever this year. Secondly any emails that were sent to me directly or through the contact MF page have been lost if they were sent after August 15th. Recently I had a few people email me about helping with MotoringFile. I’m afraid that your names and email addresses are also now gone. Fortunately the site and most of the upcoming articles are stored online and haven’t been affected.

I’m posting this to ask everyone too bear with me for at least a week as I slowly take stock of what’s lost. The hard drive fairlure coupled with the fact that I’m looking at a few busy weeks at my real job is going to make me fairly hard to get a hold of.

Gabe Bridger