Frank Stephenson, the designer of the current MINI, is interviewed in Business Week’s online edition this week. While he spends most of the interview talking about Fiat (his new project), we can easily apply some of the finer points to the MINI brand. Here’s an excerpt:

>How important is the interior design of a car?
The interior is the big battleground of the moment. It is a way to win over the customer. The exterior may look good, but if the interior doesn’t convince, people will get rid of the car. It’s like falling in love with the mind and character of someone, after being attracted to their face. Unless you love the inside of the car, it won’t do the trick.

>We’re all pushing for advances in interior design. Everyone is doing different things with the instrumentation. We may see 3-D effects, softer materials that feel better, and ergonomically well-designed cars. It’s a constant battle to find some competitive advantage in interior design.

High recommended reading material. Check out the entire article below:

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