A few months ago we told you about MINI US production plans for both the current MINI and the next generation 2007 MINI. The general consensus we received from our sources was that, if you were planning on ordering a 2006 MINI, it was best to get that into your dealer by May. Now we have a bit more clarification on that.

It looks like US production of both the R50 Cooper and R53 Cooper S will trickle to a close in October November of 2006. However it’s then when things get interesting. For the US 2007 model year, production will start in December of 2006. That means that US dealerships should see deliveries begin around February of 2007.

What is still unclear at this point is how MINI will deal with customer ordered cars vs pre-specced and when the limited edition models (or limitd edition options in the US) will end. We know for fact that Solar Red, Liquid Yellow and Black Eye Purple (Purple Haze in the US) all go away at the end of April. Does this signal a change in options around that time period for the rest of the ’06 model year? We’ve heard rumblings on that but need a bit of clarification before posting everything we’ve heard.

Elsewhere in the world the final spec R56 production should commence sometime in September of 2006 with dealer deliveries in the UK scheduled for later in the fall. The MC and MCS will be available at the time of launch with the new MINI One following shortly thereafter.

As we mentioned in our previous report, the MINI Convertible will soldier on in it’s current form for at-least another year or two. However the 2007 model year of that car will also fall around December of 2006 in the US.

While BMW plans on launching the car via it’s press site this summer, the first public showing for the 2007 MINI should take place at the Paris autoshow in early September. For the history buffs, Paris was also the first place MINI showed the original “new” MINI back in the fall of 2000.


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