GP production should now almost be in full swing at Bertone in northern Italy. Here are a couple pre-production examples (both left and right-hand drive – click the image for a larger pic) that were recently spotted by a reader in Munich at BMW HQ. How do we know these are pre-production? For one the lower body panels are completely unpainted black plastic. Secondly it looks like those lov’em or hat’em four spoke 18″ wheels weren’t available when these particular cars would produced.

Not surprisingly we’ve heard lots of various information on GP production timelines. Naturally, all different. Based on everything we’ve come across it’s probably safe to say that UK and Europe deliveries will start in late June/early July with the first cars will reach the US just in time for the early delivery program and MTTS in early-August. There’s a particularly interesting rumor going around that the Bertone factory will be shutting down around August/September for a few weeks before finishing off the last of the US bound GPs for October delivery.

Naturally we hope to have a more defined timeline in the coming weeks.

Thanks to Frank for the the photo.