Now that MINI has held it’s first Journalist test drives for European publications, we should start to see a handful of reviews popping up over the next few weeks. First up (after MINI2’s review) is Peter Burgess from MSN Cars UK. Here’s an excerpt:

>So can a Mini with two seats really be worth £22,000? The ‘Mini Cooper S featuring the John Cooper Works GP Kit’ isn’t the raw performance car, the Mini version of a 911GT3, that some had hoped for. Instead it is a more comfortable, more useable compromise but a car that feels rather special for all that. The fact that the whole UK allocation of less than 500 quickly sold out perhaps says it all. If you haven’t got your order in already, too bad. If your name is already on the list, chances are you’ll be dead chuffed.

[ Track test: Mini Cooper GP ] MSN Cars UK