As MINI owners slowly discover the new “black box” campaign by MINI USA and their new agency BSSP, the mainstream press isn’t far behind. And in this case, they seem to be almost as giddy about it as most MINI owners. Here’s an excerpt from an article in next week’s BusinessWeek:

>Why would an automaker spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising to reach people who already bought the car? Go ask Mini USA. In the next few weeks, the company will launch a series of ads in magazines ranging from Maxim to The New Yorker aimed just at their current 150,000 U.S. owners. Potential customers won’t even be able to read what’s on the page.

>That’s because the ads will be encrypted, decipherable only by the cognoscenti. Mini is sending owners a “covert” kit — mocked up as a wizened-looking book — that will include special glasses, a decoder, and a “magic window decryptor.” Using those, owners will be able to find Web addresses in the ads that lead them to free prizes and invitations to events. Nonowners will just have to feel slightly jealous that they’re out of the loop.

[ For Your Eyes Only ] BusinessWeek