GP owners breath easy. A vague mention combined with mis-read press release means that the comparison made between the GP and the new MCS isn’t correct. The GP is 14 seconds faster than the stock JCW while the R56 is 15 seconds faster than the stock MCS. Of course this could still mean the R56 MCS is almost as fast as the current JCW MCS, however we don’t have those numbers so we can’t compare.

Recently I read a little fact in the London Motorshow MINI press packet about the JCW GP that seemed rather impressive. According to BMW the GP is a full 14 seconds faster than the stock R53 MCS 200bhp JCW MCS around the famed Nürburgring Nordschleife. Without question something for MINI/BMW engineers to be proud of. However there was another recent mention of Nurburgring lap times, this one coming from a Fifth Gear review of the R56 MCS Prototype. They mentioned that the new 2007 MCS is said to be at least a full 15 seconds faster than the previous R53 Cooper S. If all these numbers are correct (and coming from BMW, they should be) that would make the stock 2007 MCS a second faster than the limited edition JCW GP around the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

MF Analysis

No the 2007 MCS isn’t faster than the GP. But it will on doubt be fast. With a broad torque range (177ft lbs coming on at 1400 rpm, the R56 will be a screamer. And with less weight in key places (and overall) it will be phenomenal in the corners as well.