We reported on this last week. The results are in.

>A road-registered MINI Cooper S with John Cooper Works Tuning Kit has scored an emphatic win in the final of three Team Australia Speed Comparisons at Indy.

>The Speed Comparison lap began with a standing start with the MINI given a 25 second lead over the significantly more powerful Porsche and a 45 second head start over the V8 Champ Car. The handicapping system was designed to bring all three to the finish line close together, but if Will Power, Indy racer and driver of the Champ Car thought the MINI would be a pushover, he was proved wrong in dramatic style.

>“I think we had a clear car length over the Champ Car at the finish line and about four or five car lengths ahead of the Porsche,” Paul said. As a result of the MINI’s magnificent Indy race win, the Team MINI pit was the centre of attention through the third day of the four day Indy meeting, with plenty of spectators dropping by for a closer look at the road-legal street racer, many posing for photos next to the victorious machine.

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