Autoweek writer Mark (three articles on MINIs in one issue) Vaughn had a chance to take the JCW GP to the track and reported on it in Autoweek’s “driver’s log”. Yeah we don’t like the name of that section either. But hey, it’s a great read so we can’t complain. Here’s an excerpt:

>I drove three laps around the big course at Willow Springs International Motorsports Park (“The Fastest Road in the West”) in the Mini Cooper S JCW GP during the Motor Press Guild’s annual track day. Just before that I drove a regular Cooper S, and a few weeks before that I’d driven the all-new, bigger-and-badder 2007 Mini Cooper at that car’s introduction. Out of all of the above, I’d say give me that Mini GP. It was like a whole other car.

>The Cooper S began to wander around the track just a little when I pushed it up over triple-digit speeds, but the GP felt as sure of itself as a delusional world leader—and maybe just as powerful. That 214 hp is 46 more than even the Cooper S. In something as small and light as a Mini, that’s like adding two more cylinders, throwing another log on the fire, hit me with a double, barkeep—ka-blammy!—all at the same time.

You can read the rest here:

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