Update: Things are progressing nicely. If you can see this message that means your ISP has updated your DNS and things are good to go.

MotoringFile will be down starting around 8pm CST (GMT-5) this evening April 10th. We’ll be moving the site to a new server that will offer quicker load times and better stability. The site should be affected for several hours (or until your ISP updates their DNS information).

Now we know this downtime will inconvenience many of you, so we’ve made a list of MotoringFile approved MINI-related activities that you could do while waiting for the site to come back online:

* Clean out that crevice between your MINI’s cup-holders with a cotton swab.
* Sign-up online for MINI United (June 22nd – 24th in the Netherlands).
* Those who need to, clean your wheels (you know who you are).
* Build the most expensive MINI ever on MINIUSA’s online configurator (and list your grand total here when we’re back online). Update: make sure to specify factory only or + dealer accessories)
* Go find the curviest road you can find and do laps (while dreaming about the MINI you just built).
* Practice heel to toe shifting (while dreaming about the MINI you just built).
* And finally… identify three scratches on your MINI and name them after English nobility.