New media weblog has some commentary on why H&C Succeeds where so many other brands have failed recently:

>MINI, maker of the retro Cooper S, approached viral advertising with no pretensions and a high production value to yield an entertaining bit of fluff. Inspired by the car culture of ’70s and ’80s exploitation films, company’s ‘Hammer and Coop’ ad campaign took advantage of a longer-form medium to showcase a large number of technical improvements in the 2007 Mini Cooper across a six webisode arc.

>Following the form of parent company BMW’s very high profile The Hire Film Series, Hammer and Coop succeeds in making the product placement the entertainment in all the ways that and like-minded viral attempts have failed. Shorter in form than the BWM James Bond-redux films, Hammer and Coop, directed by “Starsky and Hutch filmmaker Todd Phillips, revels in its own absurdity with the oft-delivered catchphrase You’ve gotta be kidding me.

You can read the rest of piece below:

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MF Analysis: With reports of dealer inquiries being up across the US and more people than ever building cars via the MINIUSA configurator, it would seem MINI not only has achieved critical success with H&C but early sales success as well.