MINI 50 Years – the definitive MINI book chronicling the first 50 years of the MINI written by Rob Golding will be released this April 15th. Mr. Golding has many years experience in all things MINI and it shows throughout the book. From the early years of BMC to the GP to the current state of the MINI web, everything seems to get space in the book.

Here’s a brief introduction:

>It’s not the size that matters, Austin Powers tells his son as they look over the MINI, but how you use it. And the diminutive MINI has made it big from the first. This book tells the full story of the iconic car from its initial launch in the late 1950s through its current super-hip BMW-built incarnationright up to the revised version set for release in 2006. The threads that tie together the original MINI and todays are numerous and fascinatingalmost as interesting as the differences that set the two cars apartand MINI 50 Years follows them all. From the swingin 60’s darlingimmortalized in the original The Italian Job in 1961 and again in the 2003 remake to the racing champ to the twenty-first-century hipster transport, author and mini expert Rob Golding treats readers to every thrill that marks the MINI.

Mr. Golding also touches on the MINI web community and even discusses MotoringFile’s impact on the brand in an 11 paragraph section titled “Get Involved”. Here’s a quick excerpt:

>Gabe Bridger runs the most laid-back MINI website. He gave it a general motoring title and then got hooked on MINI and failed to broaden the editorial more than a smidge. Bridger is a wicked man. He tells everyone BMW’s secrets as to what the new MINI will be like long before BMW has told its own dealers or the Press.

>Beneath him, in his secret organisation, is an even wickeder corps of nameless agents who break commercial confidentiality (probably) and submit both tittle and tattle to Bridger.

>Bridger has a virtual presence called which has been going for three years in a comfortably unstructured manner. Bridger is an amateur in that he has a day-job to support, but he is an e-commerce creative director by trade, and has a feel for the way that a new website should develop. It seems as if the audience – and there are about 10,000 people watching on a daily basis – like the approach.

You will be able to pick-up MINI 50 Years at most bookstores including on April 15th.

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