While it’s probably not news for MotoringFile readers, a MINI representative in the UK publicly admitted for the first time that the location of the driver-side door in the UK market may turn off some potential buyers. We reported about this over a year ago saying that it would be “talked about in the MINI community for years to come”. It looks like it didn’t take long for the UK press to a hold of it:

>The asymmetric design of the Clubman’s doors, featuring a second, rear-hinged ‘Clubdoor’ only on the right-hand side of the car, will prove inconvenient to many British buyers, most of whom will enter and exit in the road instead of beside the pavement.

>”We accept the design of the Clubman might turn off some people, but we also believe that there are others who will like its unusual design,” said a Mini spokesman.

We at MF had long heard about MINI of UK being extremely disappointed with BMW AG’s decision to place the door on the right side of the car. While it’s a perfect location for markets such as the US and Germany, the MINI’s largest single market was seemingly given the shaft. Why? It seems to come down to design and economics as the article goes on to explain:

>A matching Clubdoor on the left side of the car has proved uneconomic to engineer because the fuel filler neck is in the way.

It’s interesting to see that this initial frustration is finally boiling over into public comments just as the car is about to be released. You can read more below:

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