Our friends at Jalopnik are reporting that BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer will present a new corporate strategy that outlines plans for the launch of a new brand within the BMW Group. As Jalopnik theorizes, this could mean a great number of possibities. And is this brought on by the EU’s new proposed CO2 regulations (and thus a new small car brand) or the need to move further up-market to compete with Aston and Porsche?

As we reported last week, there have been rumors swirling lately about a smaller, more fuel efficient MINI. Could these rumors actually relate to this new brand, something even smaller and more efficient than even the Cooper D?

We’re actually not so sure BMW will create a new brand from the ground up. In fact we’re thinking some wires got crossed in the translation and “new brand” was meant to be “new division” (two new internal divisions were indeed named today by BMW). But we can’t help but find the question incredibly interesting. So let’s hear your take. If BMW were to introduce a fourth brand, what should it be?

Updated: Many of you may remember our reports two years ago about BMW potentially bringing back the Triumph brand. With today’s news, it may be worth checking those articles out again. You can find them below:


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