Wanting to be different, Motoring.co.za decided to make a little challenge.

>The green motoring revolution has been gaining momentum but social responsibility is all well and good; if it’s as exciting as watching paint dry then it turns driving into a chore.

>And yet it doesn’t need to be. To test the theory that you can’t have fun while saving money – and the planet – we took on a unique challenge – drive to the Nuerburgring, do some hot laps, come home – all for under £100 (about R1400).

I’m not sure on the conversions, but I do know they had an awesome time and beat their budget!

>Into the hills and the Mini continued to win us over – the steering is so direct you feel hard-wired in and, as the corners get tighter, your confidence actually grows. You point; steer; laugh…

>The 100km odyssey into the mountains finished all too quickly and we arrived at the Nuerburgring gates alert, wired, ready for more. Before we joined the circuit a quick €24 (R232) fill-up had us grinning – that’s a seriously impressive 4.8 litres/100km. And we weren’t exactly hanging around.

Very fun review to check out, and, if you are in the US, South Africa or one of the other countries that doesn’t get this MINI, dream.

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