EVO (for years one of our two favorite car mags at MF) got its hands on a 2007 MINI Cooper S with the newly released JCW kit. While we’ve featured three owner reviews (including my own) on these pages over the last few months. To my knowledge this is among the first of the reviews done by a general automotive publication. The conclusion? Let’s just say the always hard to please Evo staff seemed to be won over. Here’s an excerpt:

>I had a hunch it’d be quick on the track as well, and couldn’t resist sneaking over to the Bedford Autodrome to find out. The times are unofficial, as I didn’t have the requisite passenger and full tank of fuel, but the Works went considerably faster than any MINI we’ve timed before. In fact it went faster than every other hot hatch, too.

The full review isn’t online yet but it can be found in the November edition of EVO.