The blog Kicking Tires updates their experience with the R56 Cooper S trying it out as a 4 passenger car for a 2 hour drive.

>On the minus side, I took three kids with me on a trip to Milwaukee, and many times, the car itself – not just having to take a road trip with dad – sparked whining and complaining. At first, the two kids in the backseat were comfortable, but over time (the trip took about two hours each way), they began to complain more and more about their lack of legroom. Both are around 5 feet tall, and eventually, I had to move the driver’s seat up a notch to help accommodate them. That made my knees weary before too long, especially once I was off the expressway and onto city streets, where the heavy shifting began.

I’ve have had the chance to spend some time in the back seat of an R56 myself. For short distances, it’s really not that bad. Although I’m sure after 2 hours it would bet a little cramped.

[ Suburban Dad: 2007 Mini Cooper S Update ] Kicking Tires