A few weeks back we mentioned a story at Automotive News on the Clubman’s third door and how it was not originally planned. At the time the article was not available to the public. Today it is and it’s probably worth a quick read. Here’s an excerpt:

>The passenger door that was added to the right side of the Clubman was not part of the original plan, Kranz said, and evolved during discussions about how to improve rear-seat entry and exit. The door is hinged at the rear and can open only if the front passenger door is opened.

>Kranz said that during development, the Mini team asked whether there was a low-cost way to get easier access to the rear of the vehicle without a significant increase in vehicle weight. “The engineering guys came up with the proposal that we could add one additional door,” Kranz said.

>Mini added the door to the right side of the vehicle to avoid relocating the gasoline filler neck, which is on the left side. That would have required more crash testing and costs for certification in markets where the car will be sold, Kranz said.

Check out the rest of the article below:

[ Mini Clubman’s third door wasn’t part of the plan ] Automotive News