Despite every automotive blog on the planet running the same story with the same picture (right), we have not witnessed the first signs of the JCW Clubman. The image above is actually an official press photo issued by BMW of Germany to show-off some of the JCW accessories available for the upcoming Clubman. In fact, it’s the same photo we wrote about a few months back.

The accessories shown on this car are the exact same ones you can buy for the current R56 and they do not include the dealer installed engine kit, suspension kit or even the aero kit. Instead they’re simply a limited collection of basically whatever happens to fit on the Clubman.

So for those waiting for real news on the JCW Clubman, here’s a little nugget for you. The dealer JCW kit (the Stage I) hasn’t yet been approved for the Clubman. MINI is currently studying whether or not it’s worth the effort to produce given the number of potential sales. But before you count out a JCW Clubman altogether – remember, this is the same company that created this.