santee.jpgA real estate story? On Motoringfile? Sure, especially when it’s a very interesting way to get people in to look and hopefully buy your property. Give them a MINI!

>LOS ANGELES, Nov. 30 /PRNewswire/ — Promising “a MINI Cooper with every loft,” downtown LA’s Santee Village is kicking off an innovative promotion to buyers of units at the historical residential development located in the Fashion District. Anyone who purchases a loft between December 1st and February 3rd will receive a MINI Cooper with a three-year lease, with the lease payments being made by the developer.

>”The MINI Cooper is the perfect vehicle for downtown living,” said Mark J. Weinstein, president of MJW Investments and developer of Santee Village. “It is a sexy little car that offers international styling, great gas mileage, easy parking, multiple safety features and a fun driving experience. We think the target buyers for Santee Village will find this offer to be a nice complement to their urban lifestyle.”

It’s a good read. Bonus if you are looking for a loft in Downtown LA.

[ Mini Cooper Promotion to Drive Traffic to Downtown LA’s Santee Village ] Yahoo! Finance