clubmanIn what will be another long stream of reviews now that the Clubman is officially in the US, Motortrend gives us their take, starting with some love for the automatic transmission.

>Laugh if you want, but I’m also raving about the six-speed automatic transmission. I didn’t ask for it, but turns out it’s probably the only thing keeping me shiny side up, rubber side down.

Oh, wait. Maybe not.

>The automatic transmission is good, but not without flaw. On some of the steeper uphill switchbacks, there is delay before it kicks down to first. The wheelspin I can deal with, but what I can’t stand is the drop in momentum — the Empire must be defeated, Middle Earth must be saved.

Finally ending with the words we all want to hear.

>Those who feared the Clubman would be less Mini — and therefore less fun — have nothing to fear.

[ First Drive: 2008 Mini Cooper S Clubman ]