Our friend Gary Anderson recently wrote a review for Leftlanenews.com that’s worth a read for both the diehard Clubman fan or the skeptic. Here’s an excerpt:

>If you’ve been intriqued with the cute look of the new MINI, but just couldn’t justify it because it just wasn’t suitable as a family car or practical all-purpose daily driver, the Clubman is definitely worth a closer look. All you need to decide is whether you’re going for performance or economy in your purchase, to help you decide whether to opt for a manual-transmission turbocharged Clubman S Clubman, or at the other extreme, an automatic transmission Clubman.

>No matter which you select, you can be sure of three things. The design will be unique, the MINI you order will express your individuality, and you’ll have a car that handles more like a go-kart than anything else that nearly as practical on the road today.

+ Review: MINI Clubman & Clubman S / Leftlane