Once again noted spy photographer Brenda Priddy (via our friends at Jalopnik and Autoweek) has spotted the MINI crossover undergoing testing. We believe this to be initial drivetrain development focusing around it’s new AWD system. While the photos are some of the best we’ve seen, there’s no new information on either website that hasn’t previously been reported here on MF. So that means all the specifics remain true to what we all know ; the crossover will be released in late 2010 as a ’11 model and will be built by Magna Steyr in Austria. It will have an optional AWD system and be both based on the X1 (BMW’s forthcoming baby crossover) and the Clubman. And while it will leverage some rugged “rally-like” cues from MINI’s past, it will not be oriented towards performance as much as the current coupe line-up.