Autoblog has a great report on the overall state of the automotive industry in the United States for the month of March. Some say it looks pretty grim, but they break it down correctly.

>Though many news outlets will decry March as a horrible sales month in the auto industry, it wasn’t that bad and there are some notable successes. The reason it isn’t as bad as some will tell you is because most outlets compare the volume of cars sold last month to the same month in 2007, rather than comparing the average number of cars sold per day. Since there were two extra selling days last year (28 vs. 26), looking at the raw numbers is very misleading.

Chrysler and GM actually fared the worst, which isn’t suprising to most of us. Also not surprising is MINI leading the pack, with overall sales being up 26.4%! The marque with the poorest performance was Hummer, showing a decrease of 23.3%. They have numbers for all brands except Subaru and Suzuki.

As for the parent companies, BMW had a 3rd place finish with an increase of 1.8%, right behind Nisssan and Honda.

[ By the Numbers: March 2008 ] Autoblog