The New York Times takes a Clubman out for a spin and comes away impressed. Here’s an excerpt:

>In my baby-choked Brooklyn neighborhood, Cobble Hill, I see regular Minis with child seats wedged in back, and I wonder: who are these people, and what horrors would an MRI of their spines reveal? In these parked Minis, the front passenger seatback is reliably flipped forward, in mute acknowledgment of the Sisyphean task of baby installation and removal.

>The Clubman seems aimed as squarely at parents as sippy cups. And since my wife has declared our 16-month-old daughter off limits for top-speed tests, I put Bianca to use by inserting her through the open-sesame side door and into her child seat – a no-strain affair.

>While the back seat remains far smaller than that of a Honda Civic or other compact, it is now more usable for a toddler or limber teenager. Taller passengers will still demand a more socialist distribution of resources, with front occupants sliding forward.

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+ Half a Loaf, for a Mini Appetite / New York Times