Face it, we know you are. You are stuck at work on a Friday with nothing to do, really, except find things to kill time until the clock strikes quittin’ time! Luckily for you, MINI has your back.

MINI.co.uk has come up with a very clever site called Banboredom.com. You pick a site or upload an image, wait a few seconds and the next thing you know, an R56 is racing down a tunnel, into an arena full of cheering fans as you go up a ramp, thru the boring and down the other side, skidding gracefully to a stop. Full video after the jump.

Untitled from dbwilldo on Vimeo.

I used MF _not_ because it’s boring, but because I didn’t want anyone getting mad that I thought their site was boring.

Thanks Murray for the heads up!