A great story recently posted at the paper of record about how the price of fuel is affecting those with 25 gallon (and larger) fuel tanks.

>By late spring, owners of pickups and sport utility vehicles with 30-gallon tanks, like the Cadillac Escalade ESV and Chevrolet Suburban, started paying $100 or more to fill a near-empty tank. As gas prices continue to rise — the national average stood at about $4.10 a gallon Saturday — membership in the triple-digit club is growing. Now, even not-so-gargantuan Toyota Land Cruisers and GMC Yukons can cost $100 to fill up.

>Data on exactly how often people pay $100 for a tank of gas are scarce, given price variations from market to market and day to day. But during the first five months of 2008, about 11 percent of American drivers said they bought 24 gallons or more at their last fill-up, according to a survey of 81,000 drivers by the NPD Group, a market research firm — which at today’s prices would place many of them at or around $100.

I post this as a reminder to those of us with smaller fuel tanks that, as high as gas prices are, at least we aren’t paying $100 to fill out tanks. But, for the sake of curiosity, what is the most expensive tank you have had? I haven’t gotten over $60 yet, but I do have a feeling that might happen this week.

[ At $100 for Tank of Gas, Some Choke on ‘Fill It’ ] Nytimes.com