Jerry Bradburys MINI on the track

This is a follow-up to the story we ran a few weeks back about the MINI only track-day at Buttonwillow raceway

The first Advanced Car Control Clinic for MINI Coopers was held here this weekend as a part of the driving school offered by the Vintage Auto Racing Association. MINI race drivers Bob Scheer and Jerry Bradbury challenged six eager, experienced MINI drivers to wring more performance from their cars than they ever imagined was possible. They came from Spokane, San Diego, LA and San Francisco to this track due west of Bakersfield, California for two days of intense application of the basics of visualization and awareness, car balance, and smoothness in acceleration, braking and steering. Buttonwillow Raceway offers some tricky blind corners, fast sweepers, decreasing radius turns and a long straightaway which allowed the MINIs to accelerate to over 100 mph. The learning curve was steep as Bob and Jerry took turns riding in the right seat offering tips and encouragement to bring out the best in each driver. The high horsepower VARA race car drivers were amazed as the MINIs soon began to overtake and pass them on the track due to their light weight, superior brakes and go-kart handling. By Sunday afternoon, six tired but happy drivers could carry their newly acquired skills out into the real world and be the kind of aware, safe and confident drivers that earn respect everywhere. Everyone was able to drive their MINI home in the same condition it arrived in (minus some rubber and brake pad, of course) and everyone reached the goal of Bob and Jerry’s Advanced Car Control Clinic: Be Safe and Have Fun.

I learned so much, not just about how to drive Buttonwillow, but principles that apply where ever I drive. Thank so much for putting this event on. I had more fun here than any other track day that I have done, and I always have great fun whenever I drive! -Brian from Spokane.

I had an amazingly awesome time, learned new things, made new friends and can say I’ve driven Buttonwillow! Thanks to Jerry and Bob for providing this opportunity and invaluable lessons. -Kelli from Los Angeles

If/when they do this again, I’d highly recommend it to anyone who’s able to attend. Plus, we can all play “that’s what she said” with our cheerleading crew – Joe from San Diego