German magazine Auto Sport recently tested the new JCW MINI at the famous Nurburgring (which must be nice to have in your backyard) and were impressed with the results. The JCW with sport suspension managed an 8:35 around the ‘Ring. To give you some perspective here are some other cars recently tested:

– BMW 335: 8:26
– Audi TTS (2.0 Turbo): 8:29
– BMW Z4 3.0si Coupe: 8:32
– Lotus Exige: 8:32
– Honda Civic Type-R:  8:47
– VW R32: 8:49

We can only imagine what the time would have been if the car was fitted wit the JCW suspension. You can read more (provided you can read German) here:

+ JCW Warum Starkere Sportwagen den MINI Beneiden / Sport Auto

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!