Efficiency is definitely a core value for MINI. Here we have MINI taking that to another level with the MINI Minimalism Analyzer. It’s a core feature of the upcoming updated MINI Connected App that lets you analyze and optimize your driving for maximum efficiency. As of this posting, it’s not in the US Apple App Store yet, but we’ll keep an eye out. Beyond the eco-nerd goodness of being able to optimize your driving for max MPG, this is a great example of the kind of ongoing, expanded functionality that the MINI Connected system brings to the car. So if you’re on the fence about shelling out the $1000 for MINI Connected, think of it this way: you just might make that money back in fuel savings with the help of this app*.

*Yeah, yeah, we know that would take something like 20 years of driving, but just go with it. It’s a cool app.