More awards news from the LA Auto Show. ALG (The Automotive Lease Guide) has named the all new 2011 MINI Countryman the winner of thier 2011 Residual Value Award as Best Sporty Car. What this means is that ALG predicts the 2011 Countryman will retain the highest value percentage of its MSRP of any car in its class after three years. From the ALG website:

Recognizing that residual values are a widely used measure of brand health and vehicle quality, ALG honors those vehicles in each segment predicted to retain the highest percentage of their MSRP after a three year period. The annual awards are derived after careful study of segment competition, sales strategy, resale performance, and industry residual values. ALG also includes Industry Brand Residual Value Awards, bestowed on the brands with the highest predicted resale values among all mainstream and luxury vehicles.

This makes for the sixth time MINI as a brand has received a best in class award from ALG for predicted residual value. Raj Sundaram, SVP, Solutions Group and ALG, had this to say about the Countryman specifically:

“The 4-door Countryman combines the brand’s trademark superior handling with more passenger and luggage space and optional all-wheel drive for a ride that offers more utility than any other MINI Cooper. With a unique distribution strategy and strict supply management, MINI maintains some of the best residuals in the business.”

With the Countryman likely to be a significant sales success in the US market, higher residual value will work to sweeten the deal for anyone who purchases one, and likely help further cement MINI’s reputation as a premium car company. Congratulations to everyone at MINI!