We don’t get the brilliant MINI diesel engines here in the colonies, but what do the europeans think of them? One of our favorite automotive magazines, Evo, did a quick rundown on the SD engine in each of the MINI models.

A comparison of the range is interesting: the hatchback shows the biggest improvement in mid-range thump, the Clubman feels the most resolved and balanced on rough and twisty roads, the Countryman feels least eager to swing through the SD’s powerband and also requires stirring of its gears through stunted motorway traffic.

The full review is mostly summary, rather than in-depth editorial, but overall they seem to like the motor. Being the SD, they focus mostly on the performance side of things, which we’re all for. With mileage as high as 65 mpg (imperial), that performance is even part of the conversation suits us just fine, even if we can’t have them here in the USA.

Check out the full article over at Evo.co.uk.