MINI is known the world over for clever marketing. The latest concept from Access Agency is a set of life-size inflatable MINI Convertibles ready for beach duty. Intended as much for adults as kids, these oversized pool toys ought to liven up any beach outing. Much more environmental marketing stunt than ad campaign, these hard-to-miss beach accessories are sure to make a splash wherever they show up.

How exactly would one use such a thing? Access Agency explains it thus:

Beach-goers can just grab one and play in the sand or on the water. They will be able to enjoy the sun, catch the waves, look cool, pose for some pics. These are pictures they will want to broadcast and post online because the beach Minis will not appear on every beach. People will want their friends to know where they are so that they can join the fun.

The pictures appear to be just renderings at this point, but head on over to Access Agency for more of their beach bum concept.