While MINIs are our passion, it’s hard not to get excited about a show like Geneva. From the more mundane (but important) debuts such as the Audi A3 to the spectacular Ferrari F12 Geneva had just about everything. MINI showed well with the new Clubvan and the mean looking MINI Countryman JCW. Then there was the new limited edition MINI that debuted new trim and color options – notably Kite Blue.

Elsewhere on the floor Mercedes pulled the covers off of the new front wheel drive A class hatch that will compete more directly with the 1 Series (at least in looks and technology). To us it’s a huge improvement over the previous A Class but still not at the level of the rear wheel drive BMW F20. And it’s simply too large and dull to directly compete with MINI.

Speaking of premium FWD hatches, Audi showed off the new A3 which looks… a lot like the old one. And a lot like the A4. Which looks a lot like the A6 and the A8. The A1 Quattro on the other hand looks the business in every way possible. 250 bhp and all wheel drive is what many of our readers have been asking for and it looks like Audi is ready to deliver. The only problem is cost – even with the VAG incredible purchasing power the price is still eye watering at €49,900. That’s around $60k adjusted for taxes, currency etc.

For our money, the show stopper went to Ferrari this year with the F12 Belinetta. A 730 hp front engined GT, the F12 is rolling sculpture that just happens to be incredible fast.

So join us in a quick photo tour of the surprisingly small and packed show floor.

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